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- The SMF templates
The SMF templates
By Administrator Doctor Asp, Ringsted. May 03, 2022, 03:31 PM.
Where to find a specific page or function in the SMF templates.

Header + footer: index.template.php
Sign up: Register.template.php
Login: Login.template.php
Forgot your password, Reminder password etc: Reminder.template.php
Frontpage with all boards: BoardIndex.template.php
Topic page with all topics on a board: MessageIndex.template.php
Post page with all posts on a topic: Display.template.php
Recent posts + Unread posts + Unread replies:- Recent.template.php
New post + Preview + Reply + Draft: Post.template.php
Statistics Center: Stats.template.php
Members: Memberlist.template.php
Personal messages (PM): PersonalMessage.template.php
Search: Search.template.php
Profile, users posts, drafts, alerts, buddy/ignore list, PM settings, Notification Preferences: Profile.template.php
Admin main: admin.template.php
Errors, fatal error, error log, error file, backtrace: Errors.template.php
Controls: Rich Edit Box, verification form: GenericControls.template.php

Doctor Asp ;)

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